What am I going to write about?

Hey everyone! So I thought about creating a blog for quite a long time now and it officially happened. It works!

About me

Ok, so let’s start with who exactly am I? I am a web developer unfortunately not yet a professional one but hope to change it really soon. I mostly do frontend work – React.js, SASS and stuff, however I also like writing backend – mainly in Node.js, but I have done some also in PHP, also I plan to learn Scala in the future.

Why the blog?

So I wanted to create a blog to write about my ongoing projects, things I have learnt, maybe meetups or conference I have been to or took part in… time will show. I really hope that you will like the content here.


Yes, the blog will be in English. I have been learning English for so long now (13 years! it is 68% of my life) that I think I have actually fallen in love with it. But for real – always my Achilles’ hill in English was writing something longer (well in Polish I think also it might be the case 😉). Because of that content will be in a language from British Isles.

I hope that you’ll like what I’ll write so see you soon!